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Your combo option of a long day hike is greatly here that start off from your suitable choice of a hotel or Lodge, and walk off for your guided tour to cover the base of the main Sipi waterfall then reconnect onto an off -beaten path concentrating more on beneath the escarpments to explore scenic Chebonet hidden waterfall that is untamed, organic and off the crowed yet with amazing vibes of tasting a wilderness lifetime adventure plus unending mind blowing and breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery.

The hike along Karimarich trail is a moderate challenge, taking around 6-7 hours to complete the full loop. Hikers will start by following a narrow, meandering path that opens up to a beautiful view of Karamoja plains. As you ascend further, you will be treated to views of the Sipi Falls and picturesque Plantations.
Among the highlights of the trail, is the stunning Karimarich views, Chebonet waterfalls, animal trail, unique bird species like Yellow Bishops, weavers, beautiful landscapes and so much more found within the circuit of the trail. 

Karimarich trail is ideal for adventure-seekers looking for a unique, untamed and rewarding hiking experience in Uganda. It is recommended to bring adequate water, Sunscreen and appropriate footwear for hiking to fully enjoy the trail.

Highlights on Karimarich Trail
Waterfall Visits
Great Hiking Experience
Bird spotting experience
6-7 hour Active Walking
Community Interaction

Runner’s Experience
Local Cuisine Experience
Accommodation Facilities

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