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Prior Preparation & Equipment’s

Are you a beginner, intermediate or a senior hiker?.
We believe every mountain has its own challenge, it’s own approach and it’s own solutions. But the earlier you prepare the better for you to enjoy the rest on the trail.

Mount Elgon national park, as it may sound to your ears, seemed to be complicated but it’s the most friendliest mountain you would ever find or trek. Imagine at any time throughout a year around you plan to trek, it is still very possible. So, no need to worry about it but stay fit and ready to summit with us.

Most of our clients, when they’re planning to trek, always send us these questions on our desk inquiring “When to hike Mount Elgon, What should I come along with, how is the weather or when is the best season to hike Mount Elgon and how is the landscaping or the topography of the Mountain?.

First of all, Mount Elgon summit is called Wagagai, found at an elevation of 4321m.a.s.l and is remarkably the only mountain with the largest Caldera in the whole world. This beautiful mountain is also gifted with the amazing weather throughout the year around be it rainy season or dry season. For the sake of the best picturesque shots and nice footage, we advise you to do this during the dry season marking your calendar starting from January, February, ,June, July, August, and December with less rain. Common challenges some of the hikers encounter on this mountain are high altitude sickness, headache, coldness as others may result from unpreparedness. But above all, it remains the best mountain to summit up.

The question on what to carry or come along with, sometimes it’s also determined by the natural factors such as rain or dry season, thus we do advise and engage you from the best of our local knowledge to make your experience and dreams come true. The items you would carry are;

-Proper Hiking Boots
-Water Camel Bag
-Hiking pants
-Thick Socks
-Rain Jacket/ poncho
-Sun Hat or Cap
-Head torch
-Tent, sleeping bag, & sleeping mat
-Long Sleeved Gym Shirt

Walking poles
-Knee Support
-warm Jumpers
-neck scarf

Note: Climbing mountains only requires a hiker to carry what is necessary and will help during adventuring. Over packing will cause a heavy weight and May drain much of your energy quickly. And if you lack some of the mentioned items above, we on the ground will improvise some equipment that you can hire.

Mount Elgon still remains the hiker’s destination that is still waiting to be explored and we’re in this together.

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