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Mount Elgon – Uganda’s home of arabica coffee

Mount Elgon sits in the eastern part of Uganda and straddles the border with Kenya. Whilst the region is known best by travellers who have visited the Elgon area for adventure sports such as hiking, mountain biking and trail running, it is also famous for producing the best Arabica coffee in the whole of Uganda and East Africa at large. The slopes of the mountain are endowed with favourable weather conditions, fertile volcanic soils, great elevation and the hardworking sub-group of the Kalenjin living on the foothills of Mount Elgon known as the Sabinys.

The Sabinys are renowned coffee artisans and the top domestic consumers of coffee compared with other tribes within Uganda.

Step into the shoes of a coffee farmer with a coffee experience

Taking part in a Coffee Experience tour with Elgon Trek is not just to lead you to that first sip of a cup of fresh Arabica coffee. Rather, it is to impart you with life-long skills and knowledge as you will learn how to prepare your own coffee regardless of where you are living.

At Elgon Trek, we pride ourselves in our deep relationships with our community farmers and we are constantly impressed with how the farmers work to improve their coffee yields and the benefits they gain from growing coffee. These farmers are utilising skills and knowledge that they inherited from their great grand parents who migrated to the Elgon area from Kefa which is today known as Ethiopia.

The history, farming and manufacturing process of Arabica coffee is what we’re waiting to share with you during our Coffee Experience tour. There are endless fascinating facts and stories to learn about coffee so this experience is a must for any coffee lovers out there! Do you know the first domestic animal to discover coffee? And what made Jave to be so famous?

You can discover the answers to these questions and many more during your visit with us.

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