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Sipi falls is found at the eastern part of Uganda, on the slopes of Mount Elgon at the different levels of elevation ranging from 1795masl to the highest peak of 4321masl. Sipi Falls area is endowered with magnificent beauty of cool sceneries, stunning waterfalls, colorful escarpments for rock climbing and Abseiling Adrenalin rush. With the area having an amazing tropical Climate, Fertile soils and hardworking passionate Sebei Natives, it has contributed to the very taste of mount Elgon specialty, single Origin of Arabica Coffee.

The absolutely Stunning terrains, purified breathtaking air, and organic foods harvested freshly from the garden straight to the kitchen, enhance making athletes/runners in this region eat healthily and train hard, making the Sipi, Kapchorwa, Mount Elgon region the runners mecca and a paradise of hikers.
However, as a thrilling outdoor hiker, your interest and expectations are highly sorted and covered by the only passionate, motivated yet fun outdoor Elgon Trek Adventure Company that will lead you your tour from the very day you book with us till the last day of your departure.

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