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Would you like to visit one of our local Sipi Market?
Then we Visit Kamus Local Market that serves as a gathering point for the community, enabling social interactions and a sense of belonging. Kamus Local Market is renowned for its wide variety of local produce, and you can explore rows of colorful stalls adorned with fresh fruits, Vegetables, and aromatic spices. The market is a bustling hub of agricultural activities, allowing you to witness the vibrant trade that sustains the community. From the delicious tropical fruits, to traditional herbs, you can savor the authentic flavor of Kapchorwa while supporting Local farmers. 

And in case if you’re up for souvenirs, like handcrafts and handmade products, Artisans in Kamus Market, proudly display their creations, including intricate Woven baskets, wooden Carvings, potteries, and locally made fabrics that may interest you.
However, your visit to the market wouldn’t just end at buying or witnessing the stalls, but it’s an opportunity for you to interact, network, as they will be eager to share with you their business knowledge, stories, cultural exchange, as you deepen your understanding and appreciate their way of life and tradition.

Opening hours: 8am to 6pm
Market Day: Thursday and Saturday
Distance: 10km
Transportation: Boda Boda Ride/Biking

Costs Include
Guide Service fee
Transportation fee
Local tax
Excludes: Personal expenses, souvenir, lunch

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