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Bushiyi Trail in Bududa, on the slopes of Mount Elgon is a newly established off beaten trail, which is 53km away from Mbale town covering 1:32mins to the start of the trailhead. It’s scenic, and accessible Route one can take on to explore the mountain as you enter and exit from Sipi Gate. The trail starts in the town of Bududa leading to Bushiyi trailhead which is located on the base of Mount Elgon. From there, hikers embark on a thrilling journey that takes them through diverse landscapes, from lush montane forests to open grasslands and rocky slopes. Along the way, you’ll encounter a range of flora and fauna, including different species of Monkeys, birds, and unique plant life.

However, as you will be ascending, the mountain, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic vistas of the sprawling valleys, and neighboring peaks of the surrounding Elgon Landscapes. Reaching the summit could seemed to be challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience, offering you a sense of accomplishment and awe-inspiring. It’s worth noting that the Bushiyi trail is a moderately difficult trek that requires a certain level of physical fitness and mental preparation. Nevertheless the general beauty on this trail, gives one a unique opportunity to explore the nature and cultural wonders of the area. And is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts looking to experience the wonders of this East African untamed mountain.

Accommodation: Riverine Resort

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Wake up early in the morning for the hearty breakfast, departure after on a public taxi if your aren’t on self-drive option and you spent a night in Mbale City and board out in Bududa Town then Boda Bodas Comes handy to connect us to the start of the trailhead in Bushiyi Village where the team will be waiting.

Our trek will start at Bushiyi information office, walk through montane forests, Bamboo zones, spot tropical species of birds, learn plants, enjoy epic views as you stretch your way to Shiloko Cave Camp as a first camp for Light hot Lunch then proceed to Dubi River Camp found at an elevation of 3,563masl for your first night. The tents will be set for you, served dinner, and if the weather is calm then just wait for your sunset time and later a bonfire moment before heading to your bed.

Breakfast: 6:00am

Departure: 6:30am

Distance: 53km drive and 11km walk from Bushiyi office to Dubi River Camp

Difficulty: Steeper at one part and the rest is Gentle

As the sun rise, we will be up for the breakfast, set off while enjoying the scenic route to Wagagai peak, view over Kenyan Site, experiencing moorland endemic vegetation like Scenocia, Mzungu hairy plant, encounter Giant Lobelia and heather plants. However, we will be gaining more meters plus, within this zone, meaning there’s little oxygen and sipping water of water and snack bite is highly recommendable to keep up the energy level. After summiting the peak, we will descend to Jackson pool then to our camp at Mwongogo Cave Camp 3,810masl for the 2rd night.

Breakfast: 6:30am

Departure: 7:00am

Distance: 16km

Difficulty: Moderate

Departure from Mawongongo cave camp en-routing to Kajeri, is a top scenic trail walking downstream and in between magnificent Mubiyi rocks while detouring Mount Mubiyi, overlooking Simu Valley is yet another absolute gorgeous and captivating day of its own. The distance make up 12km with few inclines along. As soon as you arrive at Kajeri Camp, you will be served with hot lunch then have few minutes of rest and after you will make up a decision whether to proceed or spend a night. Or continue later for another 11.5km to Tutum Cave camp which an advantage is, is a short distance to the exit gate.

Breakfast: 6:30am

Departure: 7:00am

Distance: Mawongongo to Kajeri 12km then Kajeri to Tutum 11.5km

Our final day of exploration will come to an end via Sipi gate, check out, and board Boda Bodas to bring us down to Sipi Village where you will have personal decision whether to have a night here or proceed to your next destination.

Breakfast: 6:30am

Departure: 7:00am

Distance: From Tutum (11Km) or Kajeri Valley Camp (22km) to Kapkwai

Total Hiking Distance: 50km

iconMassif Montane Expedition

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