Massif Montane Expedition

Are you ready for the uttermost epic adventure of your lifetime?

Take on our 4 days Sipi-Bushiyi hiking Trail as you’re enchanting off beaten hiking expedition that beckons outdoor enthusiasts to explore the scenic wonders of Eastern Uganda as you kick start with a picturesque Sipi Falls, surrounded by lush green landscapes, Verdant Valleys, meandering cascading Streams, chanting birdlife, montane forest, coffee plantations, Culture and primates you encounter while exploring both the foothills and the entire Elgon Mountain.

However with the varying trails, it caters both the novice and seasoned hikers giving an opportunity to all levels of adventurers to immerse themselves in the captivating allure of the Ugandan countryside. Whether it’s the thrill of conquering the challenging terrain or simply basking in the tranquility of the surroundings, this trailhead promises nothing but an unforgettable journey and great memories.

Please note that, this curative 4 days hike requires intermediate level of fitness as well as a mental preparedness by being present as you enjoy the adventure journey and achieve your set goals. However, should anything changes during the trip, we can still adjust and together make a discussion as a team but should the readjustment goes past the time planned for the trip, it may call for an extra charges.




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Trip Summary

iconMassif Montane Expedition


Transfer from your hotel at 6:30am to the starting point of the trailhead in Kapkwai Information center where briefing, and meeting the team of ranger guides, supportive porters, happy chef and camping equipment shall be assembled ready to accompany you’re for the 4 days trek. A hike will start from montane forest, gentle hills, where primates, birds and plant life can be spotted. After 11km walk, the immediate Tutum Cave Camp will be our stopover lunch point and later proceed for about 12km more to Kajeri Valley Camp at 3383masl for a night.

  • Departure: 7:00am                        Difficulty: Moderate      Distance: 23km 
  • Walk Duration: 6/7/8hours           Breakfast: 6:30am          Elevation: 3383masl  


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After your early morning breakfast, shot brief then followed by a departure walking through a heather zone level leaving the primary forest behind then proceed to Simu Valley View Camp (Mowongogo Camp) found at 3810masl. Here you will be ushered in with stunning landscape views, short grass, everlasting flowers, heather trees, moorland birds and splendid sunset and sunrise experience at the camp if the weather stays calm and clear however the view at the camp is breathtaking.

  • Departure: 7:00am             Difficulty: Moderate      Distance: 12km 

       Walk Duration: 6 hours      Breakfast: 6:30am          Elevation: 3383masl

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Our day 3 marks a D-day of conquering the highest point of Elgon Mountain at 4,321masl right after your breakfast. While on your way to the peak, you will be making a detour, observing seasonal Jackson pool, Mt Mubiyi, Jackson Peak, Jackson Table, ancient rocks, Alpine plants, Giant Lobelias, and as you approach Caldera rim, you will be overlooking the crater lakes, and part of Kenyan Peaks called Mt Sudek and Mt Koitobos before reaching the peak. Note down that the peak could be warmer or colder or even windy and little oxygen supply, therefore hydration, chocolate bars, warm clothes, gloves, UV glasses and be at your pace can be recommendable. Thereafter, you will crossover and descend to Dubi River Camp for either quick lunch or a night or continue further down to Shiloko Cave for a night. 

  • Departure: 7:00am                   Difficulty: Moderate      Distance: 16/23km 

        Walk Duration: 8 hours           Breakfast: 6:30am          Elevation: 4321/3560masl    

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Our mountain adventure will come to an end at Bushiyi Gate where we will sign out, say bye to the team, and board Boda Bodas to the nearest hotel for refreshments and change of clothes before heading to your next destination. 

  • Departure: 7:00am                        Difficulty: Gentle Slope      Distance: 5km 

        Walk Duration: 2 half-3hours      Breakfast: 6:30am          Elevation: 1900masl

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iconMasasif Montane Expedition

Vital Mountain Requirements


  • Tent + sleeping bag & Mat
  • Hiking Clothes-Long sleeves tops & pants.
  • Hydration bladder pack
  • Thermal base layers,-summit jackets & pants, or windbreaker
  • Sun hat/cap, sunscreen, sunglasses
  • Beanies, Balaclavas, fleece + waterproof gloves
  • Thick socks for hike & Vaseline to lub your feet
  • Raingears (poncho)
  • Head torch 
  • Energy bars, snacks and drinks 
  • Warm nightwear, jumper/sweaters

“Good Luck as you take memories and leaving footprints”

iconMassif Montane Expedition

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