Massif Montane Expedition

After your discovery and exploring Ugandan Mountain beauty and later crossing to Kenya through Mount Elgon via the off beaten hiking trail, offers you an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. As you will embark on this adventure, you’ll discover stunning Landscapes, encounter diverse flora and fauna and immerse yourself in the rich culture of both countries.

However, prior the arrangement, we do recommend to have two weeks advanced inquiry in order for us to have proper preparations on both countries Uganda and Kenya. Because as you traverse the mountain from Ugandan Side, we are required to communicate to Kenyan Wildlife Authority to prepare and send their team on the date of handover day.

Accommodation: Sipi Falls

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After your early morning hearty breakfast, we will board Boda Bodas to the start of the trailhead which is 12km adjacent to Sipi and as soon as we arrive, the team of Porters, ranger guides and your happy chef will be waiting for you, ready to take you through a journey of a life time. You will go through a montane forest where if you chance, you will spot a couple of different species of small primates like , species of forest birds, as you will approach your immediate camp Called Tutum Cave Camp for a hot lunch stopover then later proceed to Kajeri Camp which is 11km away and will be your first night. 

Breakfast: 6:00am

Departure: 6:30am

Distance: 12km Boda Boda ride or Private Car Drive

Difficulty: Moderate

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You will rise for the beautiful sunrise, enjoy well-made breakfast, wrap up your items from the tent, and later set off to our next camp which above Kajeri in terms of Elevation and is 12Km away to Mwongogo Cave Camp. The nature of the terrain is a combo of steepness plus gentleness a long accompanied with couples of inclines in between, however the beautiful sights is worth a regret. Between Kajeri and Mwongogo Camp, is within the heather zones, off from the montane forest and is just full of grass, flora and breathtaking views which you may termed it as panoramic insights. And Mwongogo cave is suited at the point over looking Simu Valley, giving you a view of 180 degree as you enjoy your stay.

Breakfast: 6:30am

Departure: 7:00am

Distance: 12km walk

Difficulty: Steep & Moderate

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Our day 4 has always been the most hyped day to all our clients that have explored with us despite of all other highlights during the hike. We will set off right after breakfast, park snacks, enough drinking water and energy bars to keep the energy level and to sustain you on a little oxygen as you head up to the peak. 

However, the Wagagai peak is 5-6km away from the camp whose time differs among hikers based on their level of fitness but as a team, we emphasize the “Journey not a destination” meaning walk at your pace and feeling comfortable as much as possible. After conquering the peak, we will later loop downhill detouring Jackson peak, Jackson pool, View of Caldera base, Spot crater lakes and return to our Camp for second night.  

Breakfast: 6:30am

Departure: 7:00am

Distance: 11Km walk

Difficulty: Moderate 

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othing beats  exciting moments crossing to the neighboring country through Mountain off-beaten trail and here Mount Elgon grant you the opportunity to visit her counterpart Kenya and sign off at their Suam international border where your passports will be stamped and visa granted before you will later continue to explore Kenyan beauty.

As you will rise and shine for the early morning breakfast, the team will be await you to get set, wrap up the backpacks, tents and get the day started with 12km walk off to the border handover point. Their contract will absolutely come to an end as soon as you’re in the hands of Kenya Wild Life Authority team who will then take you through the Kenyan Adventure style, escort you to where you will stamped your passport, get Visa and later decide what to do around Kenya.

Breakfast: 6:30am

Departure: 7:00am

Distance: 12km

Difficulty: Gentle Landscape

Total Hiking Distance: 57.5Km 

Please note; as we receive your request on this package, we shall take all the responsibilities to organize everything on ground including the communication with our counterparts Kenya.  

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